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Feedback Skills Will Help You Avoid A Toxic Work Environment

Feedback. This simple word, and the action it represents, has the power to create an open, positive and healthy workplace. When absent, it has the power to promote a toxic work environment. Feedback is an integral part of organizational life. Evaluations, performance reviews, contract renewals, renegotiations, and day-to-day team conversations that move projects along all require the ability to give and receive feedback. So how does this skill, or specifically the lack of it, lead to toxic... Read more →


Toxic Work Environment: The number one stopper for effective teaming

Gossip is the number one killer of Trust of Communication in teams. Ninety percent of behaviors that break trust and lead to toxic work environments are small, subtle, and unintentional. Most often, we don’t mean to break each other’s trust, but we all do. One of the most common ways this happens in the workplace is through gossip. Working with teams worldwide, team  trust assessment results have found that they all share a propensity to... Read more →


3 Benefits of Allowing Other People to Make Decisions

Trust of Capability Handing over the reins. Letting people work autonomously. Encouraging others to voice their opinions, call the shots, and make the decisions. These are all easier said than done, right? Especially when the margins are slim and the competition so fierce. And now, with the uncertainty that has taken the world hostage the stakes are even higher. But, trusting in the capability of your team, your staff, and those your work with is the... Read more →

The Power Of Trust Building® in Uncertain Times

During these challenging times, people are experiencing uncertainty and ambiguity as it pertains to their work and working relationships. It is at times like this where Trust becomes essential. The 7 tips shared in this video will support you in creating effective, productive relationships.   Read more →

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3 Top Trust Breaking Behaviors in the Workplace

Signs and Symptoms That Trust is Being Eroded Within Your Team What this Article Covers: 3 Symptoms of Trust Erosion  Trust Breaking Behavior #1: Gossip at Work Trust Breaking Behavior #2: Breaking Confidentiality Trust Breaking Behavior #3: Getting Even Building Trust in the Workplace The simplest things can turn a productive team into one where gossip, backbiting and other trust breaking behavior overshadow the work. It is because the level of trust within a team... Read more →

Build and Maintain Trust in Workplace Culture through Mutually Serving Intentions

Build and Maintain Trust in Workplace Culture through Mutually Serving Intentions

Trust Tip #1   Mutually serving intentions and outcomes build and maintain trust in workplace relationships We are all familiar with the expression, “What’s in it for me?” Now, this is an appropriate question and has a place relationships throughout workplace culture. But, it can’t be the ONLY question. Assessing what you are giving to the situation as well as what you are receiving, about what you hope to gain and achieve through this mutually... Read more →


Help People Learn Skills: Build Trust at Work, Part 3

Did you watch the Olympiad rowing races? We were just talking with a client whose son was at one time an Olympic rowing hopeful. When he competed at the national level, he had to earn his spot on the team not by how well he performed, but by how well the crew performed when he was a part of it. Olympic rowing crews have eight athletes who’re nearly identical. Raw skill, talent, physical strength –... Read more →


7 Indisputable Signs You Are Your Own Toxic Boss

We hear a lot about spotting and escaping toxic bosses. Bosses who behave in ways that cripple trust, bog down progress, and hold people back from achieving their best work. You want to run away from these people. But what about the toxic boss in your own head? Are you willing to recognize the ways you hold yourself back? Read more →


What you can learn from over a million people who healed their relationships

“It is well with me only when I have a chisel in my hand.” – Michelangelo   I don’t do well when I don’t know what to do next. When I spin. When I’m riddled with doubt. I actually feel physical pain when I’m deeply uncertain about which course of action will produce my desired result. How about you? I’d imagine you’re not a big fan of ambiguity, either. Especially when it comes to negotiating... Read more →


3 ways to leverage self-awareness and keep from hurting people

Do you remember when you learned to read a stop sign? Probably not. You were pretty young. But now that you know, you can’t go back to seeing just a bunch of white squiggles on a red background, right? You’re aware. This awareness is potent. It keeps you from hurting other people or yourself when you’re behind the wheel. Self-awareness keeps you from hurting people, too. Here are 3 ways to develop it: Read more →


Are you willing to grow your leadership trustworthiness?

The manager who took his manufacturing plant from lowest to highest producer nationwide within 18 months. The VP of Finance who increased engagement by 25% and got a faltering $30 million initiative back on track. The Nursing Director of a renowned research hospital who spearheaded a controversial, hardline “no gossip” policy…and saw employee and patient satisfaction scores increase by double digits. The team leader who stepped away from a meeting to call his wife, and... Read more →


5 steps to release anger and rebuild trust

I was just in Manhattan facilitating a trust workshop. Women leaders from all over the metropolitan area had rolled up their sleeves, ‘gone to work,’ and stepped into real conversations about trust. In a powerful truth-speaking moment, one woman asked a provocative question about trust – or, rather, the lack of it: Read more →


5 Trust Building Tools from the International Space Station

Astronaut Scott Kelly just spent an unbroken year in space, setting a U.S. record. TIME Magazine chronicled Kelly’s time aboard the International Space Station in its documentary, A Year in Space. As I watched Kelly’s story, I was riveted. Not just by his passion and commitment, but by his remarkable capacity for trust. Trust in himself. Trust in his fellow astronauts. Trust that a million moving parts would get him safely into space and back.... Read more →

Build Trust through Broken Promises

People often tell me how much they need to be able to count on one another to come through, particularly during this period of doing more with less. Think about it for a moment. When you do what you said you’d do, you give people concrete evidence that you can be trusted. Trust is your relationships’ adhesive. Without it, everything gets harder and takes longer. Simple, right? Read more →

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How to Tell a Difficult Truth in 7 Straightforward Steps

Telling the truth can be difficult. In my work, people ask me to help them strengthen trust in their relationships. I work with individual leaders; other times with teams or entire organizations. Regardless of the scope of the engagement or place in the world I’m working, however, I’ve found that when it comes to trust, the same core issues surface. Among the most challenging of these issues? Read more →

8 Steps to Keep Distrust from Boiling Over

Betrayal is in the news. It seems like every time I tune in – to CNN, to The Wall Street Journal, to Twitter – people are shining the spotlight on people who’ve betrayed others through glaring, headline-grabbing offenses. Government leaders. Police officers. CEOs. Athletes. Celebrities. So many people are talking about the big things people do to break trust. Yet, through more than two decades spent researching the ins and outs of trust and its... Read more →

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Could Rebuild Trust. Here’s how.

Photo Courtesy: Giorgio Montersino Under CEO Marissa Mayer, in the last year more than one-third of Yahoo’s employees have parted ways with the company – either voluntarily or involuntarily. In the coming months, another 15% of Yahoo’s workforce is slated to be fired. Or, as Mayer prefers to say – “remixed.” “Ms. Mayer has steadfastly refused to use the word “layoff” to describe the thousands of jobs eliminated since she joined the company,” reported The... Read more →

How leaders build trust, one mistake at a time.

When we work with leaders, we’re often asked, “what can I do to inspire trust?” For each leader, the answer is a bit different. When it comes to trust, people have unique strengths to leverage and vulnerabilities to address. That said, through nearly 25 years of trust-focused research and experience, we can give one piece of guidance to leaders seeking to increase their trustworthiness: Read more →

Do your relationships have cracks?

Over the years, people have asked us why we called our book Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace. Betrayal is a strong word. It’s complex and emotionally provocative. For some, it’s downright off-putting. “When you used the word betrayal,” people have said, “surely you knew you’d risk losing potential readers. If you wanted to make a contribution – to make people’s lives better – why would you use a word that could make people uncomfortable?... Read more →

Spark a Cycle of Reciprocity

You want to be trusted at work. We all do. We all want others to believe we’re good, capable people, guided by the best intentions. A truth about trust? It’s reciprocal. To get trust, we have to give it first. What does it look like when we give trust? Read more →

3 Things You Need to Know About Trust

Are you struggling to build and sustain trust in your workplace? You’re not alone. Human dynamics are challenging. Relationships are complex. If you’re like most people we serve, you’re running into three common problems as you try to strengthen trust in your organization. Read more →

Trust Begins with You.

We’re very excited to welcome you to our very first blog post and the launch of Reina on Trust Building! To be honest, as we launch our blog, we’re feeling like the proverbial kids in a candy store. We’ve been supporting leaders and teams to transform their workplaces through trust for nearly 25 years. We have much to share with you! Read more →