Trust Building® services that transform

Working with Reina® Trust Building®, you have a team of academically-trained experts who apply disciplined thinking to research and solving trust-based issues within your workplace. Our services consist of four areas:

Consulting and Coaching

Help others do more with trust building

People thrive when they get the opportunity to learn together, guided by an experienced collaborative team: asking the right questions at the right time. Reina® Trust Building® provides consulting and coaching services that are geared to achieve meaningful, measurable results in less time. After establishing your business case for trust, we help you pinpoint key actionable items.


Workshops and Training

Dennis Reina training workshop attendees

Our workshops and training sessions engage Trust WorkOuts: dynamic group discussions that are jam-packed with valuable learning exercises. Sessions include Trust Building® for workplaces, for teams, for women, for leaders and for training. Get ready to roll-up your sleeves and get to work on uncovering the roots of what holds your organization back from achieving the goals that matter to you.



Keynote with Michelle Reina

Inspire and motivate your audience to action on the need for greater trust-building in your organization. This is how transformation happens. With professional keynotes by Reina® Trust Building®, you get personalized storytelling designed to move people with authentic examples of how trust affects people in ways both large and small.



Dennis Reina explaining assessment feedback reports to clients

Understand where trust is working for you and where more work needs to be done. Reina’s Trust Scales make it happen: showing you where you stand relative to trust in your workplace. This is our signature service and the product of over 25 years of academic research and rigorous testing. Only available to Reina clients and certified trusted partners.


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