Reina Trust Virtual Assessment Certification

With the Reina Trust Assessment Certification Program, engage in all three Trust Building® Assessments
and earn expertise as a Certified Trust Practitioner.

Reina's Trust Assessments allow leaders, teams, and organizations to understand where trust is working for them and, with laser-sharp focus, where more work needs to be done. These signature assessments are the product of over 25 years of academic research and rigorous testing.

Assess trust to measurably improve every aspect of leadership effectiveness, teamwork, and organizational performance

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This Reina program is accredited for up to 48 ICF CCEs

Our Certification Program is designed to give you options.

Following our Foundations of Trust sessions, choose one, two, or three of our world-class Trust Building® assessments for leadership, teams and organizations.

Certification Design and Value

Reina’s modular certification choices allow you to design the training schedule that best supports your practice orientation.


Completion of the Foundations of Trust module is required for participation in any Trust Scale module. The fees listed below include the Foundations of Trust.



NOTE: Participants must complete the Team Trust Scale® certification to qualify to attend the Organizational Trust Scale® certification sessions.



Experienced Facilitators
Professional Coaches
Management Consultants
Learning and Development Professionals
Senior Corporate Trainers
Senior Human Resource Executives
Business Leaders

Specific turn-key tools you’ll learn and apply from this exclusive workshop:

Identify the core behaviors that drive trust, based on Drs. Michelle and Dennis Reina’s bestselling book, Trust & Betrayal in the Workplace: Building Effective Relationships in Your Organization

Reina’s Marketing Genius Kit. Powerful, ready to launch marketing collateral, including email footers, tagline, signature block, letterhead, presentation modules, talking points and more.

Deepen your understanding about why trust is essential to fostering teamwork, bolstering engagement and managing change in times of uncertainty.

Name all leadership-affecting behaviors and know how to leverage them to deepen engagement, drive productivity and boost team performance.

Convert trust-building knowledge into decisive action that brings out the best in others.

Field-tested, trademarked steps to rebuild trust when it has been compromised.

"The Reinas have helped leaders wade through the noise of emotions and general frustrations so they can quickly take action, change behavior, and make a difference. Every executive wants that.”

— Badger Godwin, Vice President, Global Safety & Security, Starbucks Coffee Company

Make your consulting business thrive with Reina

Only Reina-certified practitioners are eligible to administer, leverage and teach the proven tools and techniques of the Reina Trust Assessment Certification Program.
Overcome Trust Deficits

Organizations world-wide are experiencing trust deficits and are calling out for Certified Trust Practitioners. This workshop gives you the credentials and tools you need to help these organizations solve this pressing problem.

Ignite Leadership Potential in Everyone

Make leadership mean something powerful to you and to your clients. By defining trustworthiness and showing how to build with it, you teach others the value of commitment, accountability and collaboration.

Best Practices, Turn-key Solutions

Learn best practices to implement change management. Tackle the full range of workplace problems rooted in lack of trust. And communicate with clients with confidence using our turn-key tools.

Join the growing list of professionals and organizations who are building and growing thanks to Reina Trust Assessments:

Reina Trust Building clients

Reina Trust Building clients

Dennis and Michelle Reina

Meet your Facilitators

Michelle Reina, PhD and Dennis Reina, PhD

As co-founders of Reina® Trust Building®, Michelle and Dennis have dedicated their professional and academic careers to the study of trust in relationships, teams and organizations. Their pioneering work has explored the depths of trust: understanding its transformative power in managing change, motivating people and growing businesses to greater profitability and potential.

Cited often by international news media and recognized as award-winning, bestselling authors of Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace and Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace, both Michelle and Dennis offer unique skills that move people to action. Together as speakers, consultants and executive coaches, they share a passionate, purposeful message about change and honesty: making them highly sought-after by audiences and organizations across South and Southeast Asia and other major markets world-wide.