Consider the experiences you gain by choosing Reina for consulting and coaching services.

People thrive when they get the opportunity to learn together, guided by an experienced collaborative team: asking the right questions at the right time. Reina Trust Building provides consulting and coaching services that are geared to achieve meaningful, measurable results in less time.


Collaboration focused

With over two decades of experience transforming workplaces through trust-building, the Reina approach is collaboration focused. People want to be part of the solution: we make that happen with a unique mix of assessments and engagement tools.

Results drive

Reina-guided sessions are engineered to produce results. You gain access to our complete process: the Four Phases of Trust Building, designed to map out the challenge, co-create a solution, transfer capabilities and evaluate progress.

Insight generators

Learn the why, what and how of trust in your workplace. Reina-led sessions pinpoint how trust helps you fulfill your mission and define the values that matter to you.

Action plan ready

After establishing your business case for trust, we help you pinpoint key actionable items. This is how high-trust and high-performing workplaces are created and built to last.

Unique program for women leaders

A Reina exclusive: custom-made consulting and coaching sessions for female leaders in private and public enterprise. These are professionally guided sessions by women for women: helping to integrate trust-building into professional and personal life.

Unique retreats

A Reina exclusive: we offer a concentrated self-retreat program for leaders, hosted at Reina’s home base in the green mountains of Stowe, Vermont. This is your rare chance to step away while stepping up your personal development plan.

Clients who count on Reina include:

Know where trust stands

Get started working with Reina Trust Building Consultants and gain a complete picture of how your work environment is operating. Our rigorous trust assessments are the product of over twenty-five years of testing and development.

By knowing where trust stands, you gain insight and understanding that you can apply right away to your work and to your workplace.

Build deeper trust. It starts with Reina.

"The Reinas presented tools as learning guides to building trust, both in business and professional life. Very motivational speakers. One of the best seminars that I have attended in my career.”

— Patricia A. Bond, Siemens Auto


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