Speak With Good Purpose: Build Trust at Work, Part 2

Do you consistently ‘nail’ every conversation you have at work?

After talking to you, do people always, without fail, walk away with…

  • Complete understanding of what you need from them and genuine eagerness to deliver upon those needs?
  • Fresh perspective on how to tackle their most pressing challenges?
  • Renewed commitment to dig deep, reframe negative situations, and take responsibility for healing fractures in your team’s culture?

I’m guessing your answer is no – not always.

When you’re rushed and pushed up against walls, you get stressed and lose sight of how stress is influencing your words and tone. At times, you get so focused on the work at hand you forget about a core aspect of that ‘work’ – the relationships through which it gets done.

Am I right?

Here’s the good news. Failing to always communicate effectively doesn’t mean you aren’t a good manager or emotionally intelligent. It simply means you’re human.

Across the board, Reina’s research says that practicing trustworthy communication is the skill people at all levels of responsibility, in every industry, in every part of the world, struggle with the most.

So, you shouldn’t beat yourself up for sometimes getting sharp with people. For clipping your words. For failing to adequately filter your messages in stressful moments. We all do these things. And, the more responsibility you have, the more likely you are to succumb to stress now and then and speak emotionally, instead of thoughtfully.

That said, you still want to minimize those moments, right?

After all, no matter how skilled you are at the mechanics of your job, you can’t accomplish anything meaningful on your own. You need the support of the people you work with. To get that support, you’ve got to strengthen your ability to communicate with them in a way that builds, instead of erodes, trust.

Here’s where my partner Michelle and I can help you, with a Trust Tip that will support you to develop a regular practice of speaking with good purpose, particularly in your most stressful moments.

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Yours in trust,

Dennis Reina, PhD

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