Conserve People’s Time and Energy

Expectations help to define the end game… what is it you and the people you work with most desire?

Relationships are a two way street. An exchange. For that exchange to be mutually beneficial, expectations must be managed.

From the time you wake up in the morning until the time you lay your head on the pillow at night you are managing expectations. Expectation others have of you.  Expectations you have of them. And, expectations you have of yourself.

Underlying each expectation are needs that must be met in order for you to be effective and successful. And, for others to be successful. To collaborate. To innovate. To be creative. Expectations help to define the end game…what it is you and the people you work with most desire.

When expectations are clear, realistic, and understood people are set up for success. Everybody wants to know what is expected of them. We all want to deliver. Clear expectations position us to come through. To be solid contributors. To be of genuine

And, to get what we need. To receive support.

Yet, when expectations are not clear – or are unrealistic – it is a set up for doom, gloom, and frustration.

Break down in collaboration.
Break down in spirit.
Break down in engagement.

Have you ever had an experience where you put exertion toward delivering, where youget midway down stream, only to discover that is not what was needed, wanted? I’d imagine you have. We all have. And, truth be told, we have, through not being clear in our own needs and expectations, wasted the time and energy of the people we work with.

The solution?

Think and keep others in mind as you set expectations. And, when you’re on the receiving end, ask questions to clarify what is expected and needed of you.

Set yourself and others up for success. Conserve your own and others time and energy.

Trust begins with you.

Trust Tip:

  • Behind every expectation is a need.
  • Clear expectations will ultimately help everyone be successful.
  • When should expectations be managed? All the time!
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