Trust Begins with You.

We’re very excited to welcome you to our very first blog post and the launch of Reina on Trust Building!

To be honest, as we launch our blog, we’re feeling like the proverbial kids in a candy store. We’ve been supporting leaders and teams to transform their workplaces through trust for nearly 25 years. We have much to share with you!

Our intention is to help you understand trust, talk about trust, and strengthen trust in your relationships at work. We’re going to help you learn how to rebuild trust – and work productively again – in relationships where trust has been made vulnerable.

To kick off, we’d like to share a critical discovery from our time ‘in the trenches’ with people just like you.

Across the board, in teams around the world, we’ve discovered that when trust breaks down, people tend to wait for others to step in and restore it. While people wait, they withhold. They build barriers around themselves and their areas of responsibility.

Work gets slower and harder. Energy plummets. Business objectives are not achieved.

Sound familiar?

When trust is compromised, nobody wins.

Conversely, when people are supported to take the initiative to rebuild trust, a shift occurs. People reconnect. Misunderstandings are worked through. Incorrect assumptions are cleared up. Barriers are broken down.

Work picks up pace and gets easier. The buzz returns. Together, people achieve more than they’d dreamed possible.

Everybody wins.

We can all benefit from reversing our thinking about who ‘owns’ trust in our workplaces. Trust begins with each one of us. Trust begins with you.

We write this blog for you, to support you to take the initiative in creating more meaningful, effective, trustworthy connections – connections that fuel your ability to collaborate, work productively in teams, and navigate the unknown.

As we move forward, please reach out to us with your questions and comments. While we’ve been in the trust business for a long time, we recognize that so have you…during a process called life. We’d love to learn from you to foster trust building around the world.

When you have an idea or request for specific trust-related content, please connect with us here. Don’t feel you need to wait for our next post. Join in now! What’s your interest in trust building?

Welcome to our blog. We’re honored you’ve opened the door for us to join you in your journey to high trust relationships.

Yours in trust,

Michelle and Dennis Reina

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