How This Team Saved a $30 Million Initiative From the Brink of Collapse

Your team’s about to blow a $30 million project. A project so big that if it does fail, it could actually derail your billion-dollar company.

People have the raw skills, the talent, and the resources they need to make the initiative a success. They’ve even got the desire to contribute.

Yet, they’re still underperforming.

They’re digging in, thwarting new ideas. Sitting on, instead of sharing, key information. Taking about, instead of with, one another when they have concerns.

They’re getting in their own way.

Sound familiar? I’d bet it does. We all experience these behaviors at work. The question is, what do you do in response?

I’ll tell you what the leaders of this team did.

This is a real story, with real people. If I named the company, you’d instantly recognize it. But I practice what I teach. Keeping confidences builds communication trust.

As the story unfolds, look for yourself in it. Pay attention to what you can steal and apply in your own team – the ways you can leverage how these leaders:

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