The Day You Inspired Me to Take Trust to the Next Level

You’ve inspired me.

Your feedback to my last couple of posts has been…prolific.

It’s not just the shares and likes. Thank you for the calls and emails.


“Dennis, your points are spot on. The one thing I hear most from my students is about the lack of trust in the environments in which they work. What they miss is that they could be the catalyst to begin a change process that results in a more trusting environment.”

“This was timely for me today…I look forward to receiving your tips.”

“Fantastic – I needed this right now more than I can say. Thank you.”

“I have an employee I thought I’d have to write off. She was paralyzed, and couldn’t make the littlest decision without running it by me. She was driving me nuts. Now I see there’s a way I can help her. What a relief.”

“Keep the posts coming. Please.”


You know what this feedback says to me?

It says we need to take this blog series to the next level.

It says we need to start a movement.

Think about it.

People deserve to know what to do when their relationships are struggling, right?

People deserve to sleep peacefully…instead of laying awake, wondering what action to take when trust breaks down.

People deserve joy.

They deserve to reach their potential.

People can’t reach their potential without trust.

Trust is that important.

In the spirit of deepening trust throughout the world, will you do your part to get the word out about this blog series?

Send a tweet for trust.

We’re in this together! It’s no secret that the world today is not what we want and need it to be.

We each have a part to play to rebuild trust and create healthy environments that will support our children and grandchildren to do their best work.

Now is the time to lift the power of trust up. Why?

Because my partner Michelle is launching her new column on tomorrow.

Help us leverage this spotlight on trust!

Help us give people all over the world what they most want, need, and deserve: Trusting relationships that fill their lives with joy, meaning, and purpose.

In return for your help, I promise that next week, I’ll have a surprise waiting for you. I’ve gone to work on my Trust Tips, and I know you’ll be pleased at the additional value you’ll gain.

Thank you for partnership, my friends.

Yours in trust,
Dennis Reina, PhD


[photo courtesy of Khara Woods via Unsplash.]

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