Give People Peace of Mind: Build Trust at Work, Part 4

You just had a conversation in which you agreed to do something. You made a commitment. How do you want the other person to feel, as they walk away from you?

Confident, right? Peaceful. Like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Like they don’t have to waste a moment worrying about whether or not you’ll come through.

Like they can count on you.

Nobody wants to be the person others can’t count on. The person who can’t be taken at their word. When you agree to do something, you don’t want people walking away with a queasy feeling in the pit of their stomachs….a nagging sense they’ll need to check in on you to make sure you’re actually doing what you promised to do.

Like they can’t trust you.

Have you ever failed to come through for someone? Made a promise that fell off your radar? I have. I’d imagine at some point you have, too. It feels rotten, doesn’t it? After all, when you break a promise, you don’t just let down the other person. You let down yourself.

Yet, delivering on every agreement you ever make can be challenging! I get it! And, the better you get at what you do, the more you’ll be asked to provide your support, which means that over time, your chances to unintentionally break a promise will increase exponentially.

The good news: No matter how busy you get, no matter how in demand you become, you don’t ever have to let other people or yourself down again.

I promised you a Trust Tip each week of our Trust in 16 Weeks campaign. This week is a Tip designed to help you keep trust alive even when you find you can’t deliver on a promise.

Give People Peace of Mind

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Dennis Reina, PhD

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