Teach People What They Have to Offer: Build Trust at Work, Part 11

There are people you work with who’ve yet to realize their value.

You may not fully know what you have until other people reflect its value back to you.

Before other people acknowledge your skill, your talent, you may think and believe you have what it takes. And, you may wonder. You’re not certain.  You’re too close to it. When you receive affirmation that what you are providing is the “real deal” it creates confidence that you are contributing. That you are delivering real value to your team and company.

Then, you know.

Knowing fuels confidence. Self-trust. Energy. Optimism. Creativity. Engagement. Commitment. Your willingness and readiness to go the extra mile. To use what you have in service to your organization’s purpose. To make your team strong. To produce results.

Consider, who in your life–both professionally and personally–has taught you to trust your skills and talents? And, how can you pay that gift of self-trust forward?

There are people you work with who’ve yet to realize their value. The depth of their abilities. Their knowledge. Skills. Talents.

Teach them. Help them see what it is they have to offer. What they bring to their team.

Consider how you can acknowledge their skills and abilities.  How can you affirm the value they provide?

Trust begins with you.

Trust Tip:

  • You want the best that people have to offer. Acknowledge what it is they have to bring to the team to help you and others do your best work..
  • Help other people see, own, and claim their unique strengths.
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