Set People Up for Success: Build Trust at Work, Part 10

What happens when something isn’t delegated appropriately?

Delegate. Delegate. Delegate. For leaders, delegation is a drum that beats constantly. For good reason — your growth and development as a leader is heavily influenced by how well you set up others for success.

When you delegated something to someone appropriately, you effectively say ” I want you to be a part of this. I believe in you. I want to create a channel for your growth and development.  The person feels acknowledged, valued, and honored. You ignite a feeling of enthusiasm. Excitement. Happiness.

So what happens when something isn’t delegated appropriately? When you hover, constantly check in, begin to dictate now just what’s done but how it’s done? When you reverse, second-guess, or shanghai the work effort?

Micromanaging snuffs the enthusiasm out. A mixed message is sent. You effectively say, I trust you. Wait. Never mind. I made a mistake. I really don’t.

Instead of setting people up for success, you set up a dynamic that quickly erodes confidence and engagement.  People will wonder, why didm’t you just do it yourself?

It’s a valid question.

Trust Tip:

  • Take a pause and consider what’s needed to support the act of delegation to be carried out successfully. What resources and authority do people need to carry out the responsibility given to them?
  • Check in only to offer additional support not just for the project at hand, but for genuine growth and development
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