Trusted employees feel as if they matter and engage as if they matter.

Why do Trust Building® behaviors measurably improve employee engagement?

Reflect, do you want to engage people's hands, and get a 'dialed in' effort? Or, do you want to engage peoples' hearts and minds, and get the very best of what they have to offer?

Trust is the cornerstone of engagement.

When trust is low, people ask themselves, "Is this the place for me? Do I have something to contribute? Am I going to be allowed to contribute? Will I be supported to make a difference?"

When trust is strong, people ask themselves very different questions.

They ask, "Where can I best contribute? How can I support others to contribute? Where can I stretch and grow so I can make a real difference?"

When you and the people you work with trust you’re in the right place, contributing to the right work, with the right people, you feel as if you matter.

And, you engage as if you matter. Trust begins with you.®

BREAKING THROUGH the Barriers to Trust and Engagement

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"Increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee, per year."
~ Accenture