Join us in Transforming Workplaces through Trust.®

Are you being asked to support transformation?

Are you an internal coach or facilitator? Are you working within an organization as an OD or training professional?


Are you an independent coach or facilitator? Are you an OD professional serving client leaders, teams, or organizations?

We are currently accepting applications from eligible professionals to become Qualified Trust Building® Partners.

If accepted, you'll become equipped to administer the comprehensive suite of Reina Trust Assessments, which we call The Reina Trust Scales. You'll be tooled up to measure trust at the leadership, team, and organizational levels and provide meaningful feedback to the people you serve.

As a Qualified Trust Building® Partner, you will:

Be equipped to administer industry-leading Reina trust assessments at the leadership, team, and organizational levels.
Learn to interpret Reina assessment results and provide comprehensive, meaningful feedback.
Guide the people you serve to act on their assessment results.
Help people measure and monitor Trust Building progress.
Make a huge contribution to the development of the leaders, teams, and organizations you support.


Join us to support people to transform their workplaces through trust.

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"When our coaches utilize Reina trust assessments, they're able to help leaders get at core issues and develop a deeper understanding of themselves. These assessment tools are for people who want a systemic - rather than a band aid - approach to developing high functioning leaders and teams."
~ Barbara Fly Dierks, Coaching Talent Manager, Center for Creative Leadership

"Your Trust Building model has been a key element of my coaching work with business owners, senior leaders, and teams since 2000. Yours was the first - and, to my knowledge, is still the only - model to provide a map for healing from trust breakdowns. My clients are so relieved to have a reliable pathway to reverse the downward spiral of relationships. This gets to the core of resilient and resonant leadership in our times."
~ Beata Lewis, JD, MSC, Executive Coach and Change Consultant, Bridging Lives