When it's time to strengthen trust in your workplace, you don't just need consultants. You need collaborators.

Through nearly 25 years of trust building, we've developed expertise. Yet, we find working collaboratively with you produces the strongest results. Our clients refer to us as their partners in trust.

We begin by establishing the business case for trust. We help you get crystal clear on why trust is important to you and what you need trust to help you achieve by:

  • Pinpointing the essential role trust building will play in fulfilling your strategic initiatives, vision, mission, and values.
  • Engaging your leaders in mapping how your organization, specifically, will apply trust principals and tools
    to drive your key business strategies.
  • Preparing leaders for their vital role in building and sustaining trust.
  • Launching strategies to drive targeted change, energize your people, and measurably improve business performance.

We then move into the Four Phases of Trust Building®:

4 Phases of Trust Building


Conduct Baseline Trust Assessment

To build trust, you need to know where trust currently stands. Through assessing trust at the leadership, team, and/or organizational levels, you gain a baseline measurement of trust in your workplace. You:

  • Learn where your trust is high, moderate, low, or very low.
  • Discover your quality of trust along three critical dimensions, which we call The Three Cs: Trust of Character®, Trust of Communication®, and Trust of Capability®.
  • Understand how your trust levels relate to those of other leaders, teams, and organizations worldwide.
  • Identify the behaviors people already practice to build trust in their relationships and how you can leverage them.
  • Pinpoint behaviors that, if not redirected, will derail relationships and hold you back from achieving what's important to you.


You know exactly where to focus your attention for game-changing shifts in behavior.


Co-Create Solutions

Trust is lifted off the pages and put into action with you. Using the baseline trust data and insights from Phase One, we partner with you to co-create a Trust Building Roadmap to meet your specific needs. You:

  • Get customized trust building tools and learning aids.
  • Are equipped to address key behaviors identified in your assessment results.


You have a customized, practical solution to strengthen trust in your organization.


Transfer Trust Building® Capability

Trust work is most powerful – and sustainable – when leaders spearhead the work themselves. Through developing a Culture of Leaders as Trust Builders, your leaders:

  • Gain the awareness, language, skills, and tools required to model and teach trust building.
  • Learn to lead Trust WorkOuts® – productive workshops where people practice and apply trust behaviors to real situations, in real time, with one another.


People at every level of responsibility are equipped to shift behavior and strengthen trust.


Evaluate Trust Building® Progress and Sustainability

You don't need trust for today. You need it today and tomorrow. We help you sustain trust trust and keep positive change going long after our official partnership ends. You are equipped to:

  • Monitor your trust building progress.
  • Identify where your making trust building improvements.
  • Pinpoint opportunities to leverage your gains.
  • Develop a discipline to celebrate turning points and successes.
  • Identify your trust building best practices.
  • Rewrite your culture's trust story.


TRANSFORMATIVE TRUST. You and the people you work with have everything you need to hardwire trust into the way work gets done. Trust becomes self-generating and energy producing. Business results measurably improve.

Are you ready to embrace challenges, discover solutions, and transform your workplace into an environment that is high trust and high performing?

We’d love to explore working with you.

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"The Reina trust principles have had an invaluable influence on how members of our team talk to and treat one another. Through their work, the Reinas gave us a path to becoming better individuals and teammates.”
~ David J. Whaley, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations, Norwich University

"The Reina Seven Steps for Healing® Model has been an extremely effective tool to use when coaching senior executives on how to rebuild trust in their organizations. Senior leaders easily grasp the concepts and can translate them into actionable steps to transform relationships and drive business results.”
~ Leslie Yerkes, President, Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc., Adjunct Faculty Member, Case Western Reserve University

"Dennis and Michelle Reina, through their research, have defined trust in concrete, behavioral terms. Their trust frameworks have helped me to address issues of trust with confidence and help others to learn how to build and repair trust within their relationships and organizations.”
~ Marcia R. Applegate, HR Business Partner, Intuit