Creating winning conditions for improved profits within your business is the product of deliberate action and careful planning.

It hinges on leaders and every team member feeling empowered to communicate with confidence and openness. This is why thriving organizations choose Reina: building trust and building better profits go hand-in-hand.


Communicate with confidence

Get at the root of what’s being left unsaid or left undone in your workplace. With Reina’s field-tested assessment tools, executive coaching and workshops, you get the answers you need so you can start communicating with empathy for results you expect.

Open mind, open culture

Put an end to corrosive backchannel communications in your workplace. With Reina, uncover the reasons why people might be talking about one another, rather than with one another. Instead, build a culture that’s hardwired for trust. Reina shows you how.

Vibrant growth

High-trust environments are transformative. Learn how to commit to behaviors that build trust: only with Reina. Getting to the heart of the matter creates a breakthrough opportunity that helps people reconnect with one another. This is the vital first step for vibrant growth to take root and flourish.

Clients who count on Reina include:

Know where trust stands

Get started working with Reina Trust Building Consultants and gain a complete picture of how your work environment is operating. Our rigorous trust assessments are the product of over twenty-five years of testing and development.

By knowing where trust stands, you gain insight and understanding that you can apply right away to your work and to your workplace.

Build deeper trust. It starts with Reina.

"Thanks to your effective coaching, we received a 5 year accreditation with no conditions! Thank you!”

— Thom Johnston, President, New England School of Communications