The ability of leaders to execute lasting change and dynamic growth is determined in part by the employees and teams they guide.

Deliberate choices influence the quality and depth of trust within a workplace and between individuals. Discover how to leverage trust, manage change and build for growth. Reina shows you how.


Behaviors tell the story

A key insight of over two decades of research by Reina Trust-Building Consultants: existing workplace behaviors determine future performance. Improve those behaviors through trust building with Reina and you open-up new avenues to growth and success, backed by an empowered workforce. Our trademarked Three-C trust model shows you how.

Reframing questions

When conducted successfully, change management influences the quality of the questions that people ask within a workplace. With Reina’s proven methods of getting the heart of the matter on trust, people shift away from asking “do I matter?” Instead, they ask: “how can I make a difference here and now?” This happens only when trust is strong. Make it so with Reina.

New culture, new growth

The elements that build trust are the same that help people navigate the unknown. Through trust building—enabled by Reina’s unique mix of assessments, workshops and engagement tools—you gain the opportunity to erase every shred of doubt about your intentions and capability as a leader. With Reina as your guide, lasting change is possible.

Clients who count on Reina include:

Know where trust stands

Get started working with Reina Trust Building Consultants and gain a complete picture of how your work environment is operating. Our rigorous trust assessments are the product of over twenty-five years of testing and development.

By knowing where trust stands, you gain insight and understanding that you can apply right away to your work and to your workplace.

Build deeper trust. It starts with Reina.

"Thanks to your effective coaching, we received a 5 year accreditation with no conditions! Thank you!”

— Thom Johnston, President, New England School of Communications