Managing change is vital to the growth of your business.

Whether the growth you seek hinges on accelerated productivity, increasing market share or boosting the reach of your message to audiences, trust building is at the heart of how you get there. Only Reina can provide you with a unique mix of field-tested tools and steps to achieve more of this in less time.


Smarter tools

Acquire knowledge, make a plan and then act. With Reina, you get field-tested diagnostic and assessment tools working for you. A product of over two decades of research, each is designed to get to the heart of the matter about trust in your workplace.

Deep insights

Go beyond conventional workshops. Reina Trust WorkOuts are dynamic, interactive and intense. And they work. The proof is in the deep insights they produce that participants apply right away for faster growth now.

Embrace risk

Growth is catchy. The winning habits that you develop by building greater trust in your workplace give you the confidence to embrace greater risk for greater rewards. Only trust building makes this possible. And only with Reina.

Clients who count on Reina include:

Know where trust stands

Get started working with Reina Trust Building Consultants and gain a complete picture of how your work environment is operating. Our rigorous trust assessments are the product of over twenty-five years of testing and development.

By knowing where trust stands, you gain insight and understanding that you can apply right away to your work and to your workplace.

Build deeper trust. It starts with Reina.

"Leaders can't address problems they don't know about. Reina trust assessments give leaders an honest read in a safe way. Crippling 'cultures of nice' are broken through, subterranean talk is surfaced, and solutions are created. The ROI of these assessments is huge.”

— Barbara Fly Dierks, Coaching Talent Manager, Center for Creative Leadership