How have our clients benefitted from Trust Building®?

How does trust benefit you?

What do the numbers say?

25% increase in employee engagement scores (in 9 mos.)
$30 million faltering strategic initiative over budget/behind schedule delivered on schedule and within budget
Transformation from lowest to highest producer out of 12 plants nationwide (in 18 mos.)
18% decrease in union grievances
17% increase in sales
63% increase in trust building behaviors (in 9 mos.)
80% decrease in trust breaking behaviors (in 9 mos.)

What do the people say?

"People are dealing with others more directly vs. talking behind their backs."
"We definitely see a big improvement in collaboration across groups."
"In the past, I always had people come into my office to gossip, prefacing their comments with, 'Don't tell X that I'm saying this'. I see very little of that now, compared to what I used to see."
"Awareness [of trust] is front and center. People are more cognizant, and aware of their behavior."
"I have definitely seen a change in people's dialogue and tenor."
"There is a greater sense of community spirit present where people are able to come together and talk things through. It's these intangibles that have really been a positive."

...and these are just a few of the bottom-line results our clients have achieved.

Consider all of these performance increases and barrier reductions. Multiply them by the number of people in your organization. You can see how the benefits of trust building quickly become exponential.

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