Trust work is critical work.

We know we have a responsibility not only to what we do, but to how we do it.

In our trust work, we are guided by four values...


Do the right thing and do it right.

Be honest and tell your truth.

Practice transparency.

Take the high road.

Keep agreements and deliver on promises.

Provide results of the highest quality.


Co-create for the greater good.

Engage in learning that serves the best interests of all.

Partner with others to find the best solutions.

Be creative and innovative.

Harness the best of what each person brings through their experience, knowledge, and wisdom.


Dig deep to find the truth.

Push boundaries to learn and grow.

Take personal ownership and responsibility.

Embrace the fullness of the human experience.

Be courageous.


Honor the mind, body, and spirit.

Acknowledge that everyone is struggling and deserves compassion.

Create space for each person's intellectual and spiritual growth.

Look out for the well-being of all.

Above all, love.