Harness the power of trust.

Trust is a catalyst for us all to do our best work. Without it, everything becomes harder and the lowest common denominator becomes the norm.
Our approach is based upon a belief that we all want trust, need trust, and deserve to have trust in our working relationships.

Trust Begins with You

Trust Begins with You®

You don't have to wait on others to take the first step to build trust. Trust begins with you. Learn how to inspire every person (in every position) to take responsibility to build trust in your workplace.


Trust Building®

Know exactly which behaviors build trust and get the tools to embed those behaviors into the way work gets done in your organization.

Know how to leverage: The Reina Trust and Betrayal Model®: a systemic research-based model that identifies the 16 behaviors proven to drive trust. Specifically, the model pinpoints the behaviors driving the Dimensions of Trust: The Three Cs®: Trust of Character®, Trust of Communication®, and Trust of Capability®. This model has been used by leaders and organizations to strengthen trust and achieve business results for nearly 25 years.

The Reina Trust Scales: Based upon The Reina Trust and Betrayal Model, our assessments take the guesswork out of trust. Statistically reliable and valid assessments pinpoint your trust strengths, vulnerabilities, and areas of greatest opportunity. Discover exactly where to focus your attention.


Rebuilding Trust®

Trust will be built and trust will be broken. Relationships are challenging and hard work. Let downs and disappointments happen every day – our research indicates 90% of them are unintentional.

Know how to rebuild trust when – not if – trust gets compromised. Learn to implement our Seven Steps for Rebuilding Trust®: a compassionate, pragmatic process proven to restore trust when it's been made vulnerable.

Leaders, teams, and entire organizations have used this model to restore trust, strengthen relationships, and achieve breakthrough results for nearly 25 years. People tell us, "our workplace has been transformed."

Transformative Trust

Taking Trust to the Next Level

Hardwire trust into the way work gets done in your workplace. Amplify your Trust Building efforts through tapping in to the conviction, courage, compassion, and sense of community that already exists in your organization.

The result? Transformative Trust

Trust becomes self-generating and energy producing. Organizational capability and business results measurably improve.


Leveraging The Reina Trust Building® System

Know how to plug into a pragmatic and proven system designed to strengthen trust in relationships, teams, and entire organizations.

Gain your specific Reina Trust Building Roadmap: customized workshops, learning aids, and tools designed to address key behaviors identified in your assessment results.

Results of Our Work Include...

$30 million faltering strategic initiative that was over budget and behind schedule put back on budget and on schedule
18% increase in employee engagement scores (in 9 months)
Manufacturer moved from lowest to highest producer out of 12 plants nationwide (in 18 months)

Are you ready to transform your workplace and take your leadership, team, and organization to the next level?

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