Immediately put Trust Building® into action.

You know healthy relationships are the lifeblood of your organization. You also know the healthiest relationships – and the highest performing leaders and teams – are built on a strong foundation of trust.


Our 1 -3 day workshops – which we call Trust WorkOuts® – are dynamic, interactive working sessions. You'll engage in constructive group discussions, action learning exercises, and skills practice. We call these Trust WorkOuts because you roll up your sleeves and go to work on trust, with real issues, in real time, with one another.

Which Trust WorkOut would best support you to strengthen relationships, transform your culture, and achieve desired business results?

Trust Building at Work

A foundational workshop that puts participants on the same page about trust. In this session, you discover:

  • How trust dynamics affect teamwork and collaboration.
  • 16 behaviors proven to build trust.
  • Common, subtle, and often unintentional behaviors that erode trust.
  • Your personal level of trustworthiness.
  • A shared language to talk about trust-related issues constructively.
  • A proven, pragmatic process to rebuild trust that’s been compromised.
  • Strategies to avoid common trust-related mistakes.


Coming out of this Trust WorkOut, you have the awareness, knowledge, and tools you need to put Trust Building into action.

You’re equipped to shift behaviors that break trust, leverage behaviors that build trust, and harness instances of broken trust as stepping-stones to even stronger trust. You’re primed and ready to measurably improve collaboration, teamwork, and bottom-line results.

Trust Building In Teams

An intervention workshop to improve trust dynamics and relationships within teams. Through participating in the The Reina Team Trust Scale®, you and the people you work with discover:

  • Where trust is high, moderate, low, or very low in your team.
  • Your team's quality of trust along three critical Dimensions: Trust of Character®, Trust of Communication®, and Trust of Capability ®, and how this impacts your team's productivity.
  • How team members build trust and unintentionally break trust in team situations.
  • How trust affects teamwork and collaboration.
  • 16 behaviors proven to build trust and improve teamwork.
  • Strategies to avoid common trust-related mistakes.
  • How to apply the Seven Steps for Rebuilding Trust® and work effectively again in relationships where trust has been compromised.


Coming out of this Trust WorkOut, you're equipped to address the key behaviors that are holding your team back from optimal performance.

You know how to leverage your team's trust-related strengths, go to work on your vulnerabilities, and reconnect with one another...not just as professionals, but as people.

You're positioned to navigate the most complex team dynamics that exist – those of human relationships.

Trust Building For Leaders

A developmental workshop that measurably improves trust a leader's relationships. Through participating in the The Reina Leadership Trust Scale®, you discover, through 360 feedback:

  • Your level of trustworthiness.
  • Where trust is high, moderate, low, or very low in your relationships along three critical Dimensions: Trust of Character, Trust of Communication, and Trust of Capability.
  • The uniquely influential role you, as a leader, play in building and breaking trust.
  • The behaviors that most inspire trust and confidence in supporters.
  • How to effectively engage, renew, and energize those you lead.
  • The keys to sustaining trusting relationships during periods of change.
  • Three common trust-related mistakes leaders make and strategies to avoid those mistakes.
  • How to apply Seven Steps for Rebuilding Trust in your relationships.
  • How to support your team to rebuild trust and work effectively again in relationships where trust has been compromised.


Coming out of this Trust WorkOut, your executive team can immediately take your relationships to the next level of performance. You know how to measurably improve your leadership effectiveness.

You have clarity on next steps to make trustworthiness one of your greatest assets.

Trust WorkOut For Women Leaders

A workshop exclusively for women. Why? Because as leaders, women face unique challenges to trust. As a participant in this session, you:

  • Learn to trust yourself. Discover your unique Capacity for Trust and harness your voice to forge connection, strengthen teamwork, and produce results.
  • Earn the trust of others. Explore the characteristics that make you a trustworthy leader and learn strategies and steps to inspire followers committed to your message.
  • Become aware of trust's innate vulnerabilities. Recognize the impact of broken trust and gain tools to help yourself and others take personal responsibility, reframe, and trust again.
  • Take your leadership to the next level. Using The Four Pathways to trusting yourself, redirect your tendency to override your core needs and doubt yourself, and deepen self-trust.


During this Trust WorkOut, you learn to build trust – both within yourself and with others.

You claim your gifts and talents and learn to leverage trusting relationships to position yourself and your message more powerfully.

Trust Building Qualification (Train the Trainer)

A workshop that builds your internal Trust Building capacity. In these sessions, we will qualify professionals in your organization to:



Coming out of this Trust WorkOut, you're tooled up to support and sustain Trust Building inside your organization.

You’re equipped to transform your workplace into one that is high trust, where people want to show up and bring their best.

Are you a leader who's ready to leverage trust to transform your workplace?

We’d love to explore working with you.

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"This is the most meaningful organizational workshop that I have ever attended. The Reinas are masters at creating an environment that is safe and fun, yet challenges participants to examine intricately and deeply what is perhaps the most critical element in all human relationships – trust.”
~ Jesse Mendoza, PhD

"Dennis and Michelle Reina, through their research, have defined trust in concrete, behavioral terms. Their trust frameworks have helped me to address issues of trust with confidence and help others to learn how to build and repair trust within their relationships and organizations.”
~ Marcia R. Applegate, HR Business Partner, Intuit