Make trust your competitive advantage.®

Move your audience. Build trust. Transform your culture.

When we speak, audiences listen and respond. They take notes, engage in discussions, and sometimes even shed silent tears. Why? Because our honest material and authentic delivery touch people in profoundly personal and emotional ways. The topic of trust lives in peoples' hearts and personal experiences...not just in their minds and organizations.


For nearly 25 years, we've shared stories from our lives and from our pioneering trust work with audiences around the world.

Like you, we've had highs and lows in trust in our professional and personal relationships. Along with our years of trust-focused research and organizational experience, we take lessons learned from the school of hard knocks to speak about trust building from the inside out.

Our genuine, informative, and engaging message has helped thousands of people learn concrete strategies to build and maintain trust in their relationships, transform their cultures, and drive business success.

Our research-based messages will make a difference in your organization and in the lives of your people. We go beyond identifying the essential factors for success. We help people put them into practice.

How we work with you:

We recognize that when you book a speaker, that speaker needs to respond to the unique needs of both your organization and audience. That's why we customize our content and format for each event based on planning conversations with you.

As a starting point, consider these compelling topics:
The Power of Trust: Essential Skills for Challenging Times
What Leaders Need to Know about Trust: Taking Leadership to the Next Level
Trust-Fueled Engagement: Your Competitive Advantage
The Truth about Trust for Women Leaders: Four Pathways to Resilience and Renewal

Are you a leader who's ready to leverage the power of trust to transform your workplace?

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"If you haven't heard these speakers, you haven't lived.”
~ Jean Melton, Owner, Pest Control

"The Reinas presented tools as learning guides to building trust, both in business and professional life. Very motivational speakers. One of the best seminars that I have attended in my career.”
~ Patricia A. Bond, Siemens Auto

"Excellent speakers with extremely valuable information.”
~ Niki Bratcher-Bowman, Department of Health & Human Services

"Dennis was very inspiring.”
~ Yvette Watson, HR Specialist, Department of Justice

"Excellent material, excellent presentation, and super speakers.”
~ Hal Henderson, Aquila Networks Canada

"Dennis, your presentation was extremely well received by the senior managers and executives in attendance. Your insightful treatment of this vital topic will benefit all who participated for years to come.”
~ Mark Antonucci, New York Regional Chairman, Institute for Management Studies

"Excellent speakers with extremely valuable information. Michelle and Dennis are passionate about this subject and they share their own experiences to deal with day-to-day challenges to one-on-one encounters.”
~ Nadine Shah, Senior Buyer, Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee

"Michelle, you are the only faculty I have ever had who managed to touch people so deeply with your personal stories that they teared up.”
~ Bob Webster, Houston Regional Chairman, Institute for Management Studies

"The speakers were great. The trust issues that come up day-to-day are really important to address.”
~ Randy Dewline, Aquila Networks Canada

"I recommend Dennis unequivocally for any company, conference, college or community group who wants an inspirational speaker who also shows you how to apply your learning after he leaves the room.”
~ Alexia Vernon, Communication and Leadership Author, Speaker, Coach, Trainer, and Media Personality

"Excellent speakers; very well delivered and organized.”
~ Sylvia Janssen, Director of Purchasing, Canadian Cable Systems Alliance

"They are dynamic and work wonderfully together. Michelle and Dennis are down-to-earth 'real' people who care about and listen to their audience.”
~ Brenda Chapman, National Purchasing Manager, J.M. Schneider, Inc.

"Excellent speakers and content that really makes you reflect both professionally and personally.”
~ Fern Manser, Manager, Corporate Purchasing, Nissan Canada